Discover the flexible and comprehensive intralogistics system, perfectly tailored to the needs and specifics of your plant.

Savings through automation

This unique solution includes both the fleet of proprietary Formica mobile robots and the advanced Qursor software. It will help you automate and accelerate logistics and production processes.

Gain complete control over the transportation of goods across your plant.

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Complete control over the internal logistics

Qursor is an autonomous platform for the comprehensive management of intralogistics processes. It is also capable of controlling production processes. The system operates a fleet of Formica autonomous mobile robots (AMR), which are its integral part.

Constant supervision of all operating parameters of the system and its components enables precise tracking of the flow of goods and materials.

Discover ROI benefits that the implementation of the system brings.

From virtual simulation to real benefits

How to estimate costs and returns on investment (ROI) accurately?
The solution lies in a complete computer simulation that mirrors all components of the process, such as production plan, current plant map, existing routes, and known interferences. As part of virtual commissioning, the system maps vehicle movement and simulates speed according to load.

Unique functionality for managing a group of mobile robots to perform transportation and production tasks.

Possibility to adapt the system to the client's needs.

Possibility to simulate logistic processes right at the stage of pre-implementation analysis.

Qursor covers much more than just the transportation of goods from point A to point B. The system's configuration capabilities include complex tasks to be carried out in a specific time regime and not only by a single device but by a dynamically selected group of mobile robots. This feature is unique in the scale of the entire market. What the Qursor system does is it intelligently manages a dynamically adjusted group of smart AGV's/AMR's to carry out tasks together instead of managing each single device separately.

The adaptation can involve both the range of the Qursor system functions (thanks to a flexible approach towards the process implementation) and the parameters of mobile robots. Formica 1 and 2 robots have been designed in a way that enables to alter their dimensional specifications or the installed active elements (e.g., roller conveyors) easily.

The client gains a chance to get familiar with the system's capabilities right at the offering stage. As a result, both the supplier and the ordering party have a good understanding of the system functions as well as the features of the process. The so-called digital twin that has been implemented in virtual reality along with Qursor, accelerates the real-life implementation and maintenance processes of the system.

What makes us unique

Combined with the Formica mobile robots, Qursor defines new standards both for intralogistics and production processes, as well as for the cooperation with the client itself. The most important features that distinguish our solution on the market are:

Effective and simple implementation cycle

Analiza procesu

virtual simulation

selection and configuration of solutions

optimization and testing


Each industry is characterized by individual standards and conditions. Each enterprise has unique requirements and work specifics. Despite the different tools being used, materials being processed, and ways of carrying out tasks, the goal is always the same: to bring profit. Qursor takes all those factors into account to create a tailored in-house logistics solution. This integrated system allows for unattended management of intralogistics tasks from one place for both traditional and robotic transportation. It is process and resource optimization that takes your business up to the next level.

Many tasks, single tool

Benefits for the business

Process automation

Faster deliveries

Reliability of deliveries regardless of the working environment

Elimination of downtime

Affordable pricing policy

No need for constant supervision by the operator

Full support during the implementation process

Producer support during the product life cycle

Relatively short implementation times

Real integration of the AGV/AMR robot with the technological line (including the automation and robotics parts)

Adaptation of the solution to the supported process

AIUT as a proven and experienced technological partner

Tailor-made product - customizable software

Unattended cargo transportation

Optimal digitization involves a friendly coexistence of man and machine in a shared industrial space. Explore the robots and build your own fleet, tailored directly to your specific needs and requirements. Take advantage of over a dozen of variants that we have already developed. If none of these suits you, we can design and create one that's perfect for you together.

At AIUT, we perfectly understand the specific needs and requirements of a given plant. Therefore, for our Formica mobile robots, we offer a wide range of AMR accessories. The customization potential is vast, including the designing capabilities or the creation of dedicated applications.

Fully customized mobile robots

Natural navigation

Security systems

Automatic loading

Broad possibilities of adaptation and expansion

Dedicated trolleys

Voice communication

Light and sound signaling

BlackBox - tracking and logging of operating parameters

Regain the potential of the workforce trapped and bound to constant supervision of processes and direct implementation of logistics tasks. Let transportation self-manage by intelligently adapting to the altering conditions of the workspace. Equipped with HIL (Hybrid Indoor Localization) technology, Qursor controls the working environment (including facilities and people in motion) and logistics processes in real-time. This allows the Formica mobile robot fleet to be managed dynamically. As a result, the production runs smoothly and the orders are carried out following the assumed plan, on time, and without downtime.

Factory 4.0 in full-auto mode

The AIUT Aformic team watches over the comprehensive implementation of the system and its reliable operation at the destination site. Our specialists provide technical and hardware support - thanks to remote diagnostics among other capabilities. They also help clients to program Formica robots by themselves and to configure the Qursor system for new tasks.


Case study

Implementation of an autonomous intralogistics system in a furniture factory in Poland.


Implementation of an autonomous internal logistics system with the utilization of autonomous mobile robots to automate the delivery of materials onto the production line in dusty conditions.

Our solution:

AIUT Qursor - an autonomous intralogistics system combined with AIUT Formica autonomous mobile robots.

Qursor management system has been implemented in the production plant of one of the Polish furniture manufacturers. Comprehensive management of the plant's intralogistics was the project's main objective. In this particular case, Five Formica 2 autonomous mobile robots handle transportation orders. The robots are adjusted in a way so that they can transport palletized goods. The devices have been integrated with the production line for furniture frame manufacturing and their task is to deliver the material directly to the line roller feeder, without the need for the operator's manual involvement. Prior to the real-life implementation, an analysis of the client's intralogistics and processes has been carried out. That included computer modeling and simulations as part of a virtual implementation. This way, a precise calculation of the demand for hardware as well as process optimization and accurate estimation of costs and ROI of the implementation were all possible.

How it all began?





first implementation of Formica vehicles at the Fiat factory in Poland

Introduction of the Qursor management system, supervision over the intralogistics fleet, support, and integration with the customer's production process

implementation of autonomous navigation

Expansion of the Formica vehicle range with additional types - a total of 12 applications already available

Aformic Team

A dedicated implementation team of highly qualified engineers, available locally in various parts of the world. We are part of the AIUT group, a market leader in the automation and robotization of production processes. We're also one of the largest European system integrators for industry, with 30 years of experience.


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