Taking material handling to a new level of efficiency!

Intralogistics System for Smart Factory

Get to know more about our AFORMIC Intralogistics system that integrates technology in manufacturing & logistic industries.

Smart Factory Fleet Management Package & Customized Mobile Robots Solution tailored to the needs of your facility.


Our Aformic intralogistics system consists of an advanced fleet management system - Qursor and a fleet of proprietary Formica autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

The goal of our solution is to increase automation, optimize industrial processes, boost efficiency and productivity, and reduce reliance on human labor in industrial processes. By using advanced technologies and data-driven decision-making, we create more efficient autonomous manufacturing and logistics systems.

Our flexible and comprehensive solution is tailored to the needs and the character of your facility. Our AMRs provide efficient, and unmanned transportation of any load, thus maximizing the efficiency of logistics operations in manufacturing plants and warehouses, enabling more responsive and agile production processes.

Formica AMRs are controlled by the Qursor system, which significantly improves work efficiency through streamlined task management.

Savings through automation



Improved efficiency

Reduced labor costs

Real-time monitoring

Increased safety

Improved management

Convenient scalability

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Virtual launch for real-life benefits

To estimate the real costs of the physical implementation of the system and return on investment (ROI) we do system simulation & virtual commissioning using software tools e.g. Plant Simulation. As part of virtual commissioning, the system mimics full vehicle traffic and simulates speeds depending on the load. For us, digital mapping of the system’s work environment and processes is of key importance in the process of modeling routes or robot design.

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Intelligent control system

Complete software platform with factory fleet management package

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QURSOR is a fleet management system that deals with task allocation, path planning, navigation assistance, or system performance & KPI check, which enables the implementation of autonomous mobile robots in smart warehousing and manufacturing environments.

The smooth incorporation of the QURSOR into the factory software system allows for effective management of AGVs and AMRs from multiple vendors via its workflow manager and fleet orchestrator (including other vehicles monitored by RTLS).

The software can be incorporated with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Warehouse Management System (WMS).



and track the current position of AMRs, stations, and available paths.


errors, check AMR status, and access comprehensive diagnostic tools.

tasks, operate AMRs within designated zones, and enjoy graphical data presentation.


valuable insights with KPI modules for current performance control of the system.


Multiple applications for your comfort!

Our custom software package provides access to a wide range of data, including online process visualization, real-time information on stations, AMRs and currently executed operations.

logistic processes, manage environment, and map files, and customize settings for efficient operations.



seamless control through a user-friendly interface accessible via a web browser or LCD panel.


FORMICA always on, smart robots ready to roll

We offer highly developed Formica robots that use advanced sensors and mapping technology to adjust real-time maps of the environment and modify their paths in response to changes in the environment, such as obstacles or new paths. Formica AMRs are tailor-made robots designed to meet the customer’s needs. Our robots provide answers to the growing demands of the market!

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Unmanned cargo transportation

Take advantage of the Formica robots’ family to effectively manage logistics throughout your production chain. Increase the efficiency of your transportation and transform your supply chain operations to ensure smooth production with our AMRs. Customize the design of AMRs to suit specific types of material handling equipment like racks, pallet containers or any containers of non-standard shapes, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.


Natural navigation

We equipped our robots with functionalities to ensure the highest safety in your work environment. AMR Formica robots can move in real-time mapping, adapt to changes in dynamic environments and precisely detect obstacles in time. All of this is thanks to carefully selected and thoughtfully designed equipment.

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Real-time mapping


Improved accuracy



stores AMR operation data for troubleshooting, optimization, safety, and analyses


support the work of safety scanners by detecting objects above and below the scanning line


quickly and safely stop the robot in case of an emergency

stop the AMR in the event of a collision with an obstacle when scanners are not active or the obstacle is located beyond the scanning line

Safety bumpers

projects a blue light onto the floor to increase safety and visibility

Blue spot

used to detect objects in a danger field of the vehicle (depending on many parameters such as speed, load, etc.), which significantly reduces the risk of collisions and other accidents. In addition to the safety function, the microScan3 scanners act as measuring devices for the navigation system, providing information about the environment and enabling current updates and reliable map navigation.

Safety laser scanners (LIDAR)

emits appropriate soundtracks to indicate incoming AMR, alarms, AMR component movement, traffic, etc.


precise distance measurement supporting the operation of safety scanners

3D camera


for direct access to the device and manual control of individual machine elements

serve as status indicators, alarms, warnings, and directional displays

LED panels


Flexible coupling system


To ensure full flexibility and provide easily adaptation to new tasks and changing environments we delivered Formica robots with a flexible coupling system. Pin System, Lift Table System, Roller Conveyor System are only examples which can be implemented. All in order to suit your needs and meet your requirements.

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Automate your internal supply chain with our family of Formica AMRs. Get to know more details about AMR Formica 1 and AMR Formica 2.

FORMICA series

Powerful robot for automatic transportation of various pallets

Efficient and safe transportation within the warehouse and on the production site

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Formica 1 provides independent, fast, and safe transportation in warehouses and factories with cargo weight of up to 1000 kg. Formica 1 is designed with the integration into a production line or any other factory intralogistics system.

Type: underride

Direction of drive: forward/backward

Maximum payload: 1000 kg (2200 lb)

Maximum speed: 2 m/s

Rotation: 360°

Charging time: 5.5 hrs

Battery lifetime: 8-10 hrs

Battery type: Li-Ion NMC

Charging method: automatic / manual

Type: forklift

Direction of drive: forward

Maximum payload: 1000 kg (2200 lb)

Maximum speed: 1.5 m/s

Rotation: 360°

Charging time: 5.5 hrs

Battery lifetime: 8-10 hrs

Battery type: Li-Ion NMC

Charging method: automatic / manual

This is a heavy-load transportation robot. Formica 2 AMR is an autonomous mobile robot for transporting heavy pallet loads (EURO pallets) up to 1000 kg, with ground-level self-loading function. The robot provides an alternative to traditional forklifts by autonomously picking, transporting, and delivering goods within a dynamic working environment.

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AMR Formica 1 and AMR Formica 2 are only examples of our robots’ families. Based on them we started designing others, customizing them to customers’ needs. Take a look at the diversity in our family of AMR Formica robots.

Talk to our experts to get to know what we can do for you!

Multi-machine support, exemplary customization

Meet the Formica 1 and Formica 2 families, a collection of intelligently designed robots with customizable functionalities. These remarkable AMRs are built to adapt and serve a wide range of applications. Whether you require enhanced payload capacity, advanced navigation capabilities, additional scanners, or any other functionality that could enhance your business operations - our Formica robots can be tailored precisely to your specifications. Share your requirements, and we'll make sure your AMR is engineered to excel in its designated tasks.

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Aformic Team

We specialize in the automation of logistics processes in manufacturing plants and warehouses.

We are part of the AIUT Group, one of the leading suppliers of industrial automation and robotics systems to the global market. The company has been a trusted and experienced technology partner to global industrial and manufacturing leaders for more than 30 years.

AFORMIC designs and implements innovative integrated intralogistics solutions based on AMR robots. AFORMIC’s unique strategy is to fully customize our system and Formica AMR robots to meet the needs of our customers. As a result, our solution provides increased transportation efficiency, optimized production processes, and significant cost reductions for your business.

AFORMIC teams of experienced engineers support our customers 24/7 directly from locations in North America (Canada, USA: Michigan, South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky), Europe, and Asia to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted flow of your processes


How it all began?




Introduction of Qursor management system.
Supervision of intralogistics fleet, support,
and integration with customer's production process

Launch of Aformic

Expansion of type of Formica AMRs

Implementation of solution at a leading automotive manufacturer in North America





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