Take material handling to a new level of efficiency


The first fully autonomous AMR Formica robot-based intralogistics system to take your transportation operations to the next level of efficiency.

Gain more benefits with the intelligent integration of logistics and manufacturing operations provided by AFORMIC.

We offer a flexible and comprehensive intralogistics system that is tailored to the needs and the character of your facility. Our AMR robots provide efficient, unmanned transportation of any load, thus maximizing the efficiency of logistics operations in manufacturing plants and warehouses.

AFORMIC's integrated intralogistics solution includes both a fleet of proprietary autonomous Formica mobile robots and an advanced fleet and process management Qursor system.

Savings through automation

In-house transportation
under full control

Qursor is an autonomous platform for a comprehensive management of intralogistics processes. It is also capable of controlling production processes. Additionally, Qursor manages a fleet of Formica mobile robots (AMR) - those are an integral part of the system.

Constant control of all the system's operating parameters and its components enables precise tracking of the flow of goods and materials.

Discover what ROI benefits can the implementation of Qursor bring.

Business benefits

Automation of logistics processes

Faster deliveries

Delivery reliability regardless of the operating environment

Elimination of downtime

Affordable pricing policy

No need for constant operator support

Full support in the implementation process

Manufacturer support throughout the product lifecycle

Relatively short implementation times

Full integration of the AMR robot into the process line and plant systems

Adaptation of the solution to the supported process

Tailor-made product - customizable software and robots

Virtual launch for real-life benefits

How do you accurately estimate costs and return on investment (ROI)?
The answer is a full computer simulation that maps all components of the process such as the production plan, the current plant layout, existing routes and known disturbances. As part of such virtual commissioning, the system mimics full vehicle traffic and simulates speeds depending on the load.

Unique functionality for managing a group of AMR robots that perform transportation and production tasks.

System customizability towards the customer's needs.

The ability to simulate logistics processes as early as the pre-implementation analysis stage.

Qursor is not just about transporting goods from A to B. It is possible to configure the system to perform complex tasks at a specific time regime not only by a single device, but by a whole group of mobile robots. This is a unique feature of the fleet manager. Instead of managing each vehicle separately, Qursor groups AMRs for the most efficient task execution.

Adaptation can be performed both in the sphere of Qursor system functions (thanks to a flexible approach to process execution) and in the mobile robots parameters. Through their design scheme, it is possible to adapt parameters and active elements of Formica AMR robots (e.g., roller conveyors) to the characteristics of the customer's plant.

The customer has a chance to discover the capabilities of the system right at the bidding stage. Thanks to this, both the supplier and the ordering party have a good understanding of the system's functions on the one hand, and the features of the implemented process on the other. Implemented along with Qursor, the digital twin accelerates the implementation and maintenance processes of the system.

What makes us stand out

Qursor and its supplementary Formica mobile robots are defining new standards for both intralogistics and manufacturing processes, as well as for customer collaboration itself. The most important features that distinguish our solution in the market are:

We thoroughly understand the individual requirements of each plant, so we tailor our system, as well as Formica mobile robots and equipment, to the needs of our customers each time. We offer a plethora of AMR accessories along with wide adaptability and the possibility to create dedicated applications.

Customized robots
and equipment

Natural navigation

Safety systems

Automatic charging

Rich adaptability and expandability

Dedicated passive carriages

Voice communication

Light and sound signaling

BlackBox - registration of operating parameters

Unmanned cargo transportation

Take advantage of the Fmobile robots Formica family to effectively manage logistics throughout your production chain. Increase the efficiency of your transportation operations and ensure the continuity of your production with our AMRs.

Learn more about Formica AFORMIC AMR autonomous mobile robots

Formica 1 AMR

Formica 2 AMR

Formica 12 AMR

Accelerate warehouse and factory processes with AMR Formica 1. The Formica 1 platform autonomous mobile robot provides independent, fast, and safe transportation in warehouses and factories with cargo weight of up to 1,000 kg. Formica 1 is designed with the integration into a production line or any factory intralogistics system in mind.

This is a heavy-load transportation robot. Formica 2 AMR is an autonomous mobile robot for transporting heavy pallet loads (EURO pallets) up to 1,500 kg, with ground-level self-loading function. The robot provides an alternative to traditional forklifts by autonomously picking, transporting, and delivering goods within a dynamic working environment.

AMR robots

Gain more by automating your internal supply chain with our Formica AMR family of autonomous mobile robots

Provides efficient and safe transportation within the warehouse and on the production site

The most powerful AFORMIC AMR for automatic transportation of EURO pallets

The robot's extended safety system allows it to work dynamically in a variable production environment.

The even more autonomous, uniquely low-profile and super-safe Formica 12 autonomous mobile robot from AFORMIC is ideally suited for automating transportation operations in manufacturing plants. The robot provides ergonomic and efficient handling of complex logistics processes in the production facilities of the most demanding automotive customers.

●2 m/s maximum speed, intelligent load-dependent adjustment

Payload capacity of 1,000 kg

Battery operating time: 8-10 h

●Automatic charging at docking stations or manual battery replacement

●Wireless communication (IoT/ SRD/2G/4G/5G)

●Capable of driving in both directions (forward/reverse)

Dimensions: 1300x750x299 mm

EN ISO 13850 machine safety standard

EN1525, IEC/EN 60825-1 safety standards

●1.5 m/s maximum speed, intelligent load-dependent adjustment

Payload capacity of 1,500 kg

Battery operating time: 8-10 h

●Automatic charging at docking stations or manual battery replacement

●Wireless communication (IoT/ SRD/2G/4G/5G)

●Capable of driving in both directions (forward/reverse)

Dimensions: 2000x1000x1000 mm

EN ISO 13850 machine safety standard

EN1525, IEC/EN 60825-1 safety standards

●1.5 m/s maximum speed, intelligent load-dependent adjustment

Payload capacity of 800 kg

Battery operating time: 8-10 h

●Automatic charging at docking stations or manual battery replacement

●Wireless communication (IoT/ SRD/2G/4G/5G)

●Capable of driving in both directions (forward/reverse)

Dimensions: 1612x830x200 mm

EN ISO 13850 machine safety standard

EN1525, IEC/EN 60825-1 safety standards

Efficient and transparent implementation cycle

Manufacturing process analysis

Virtual simulation

Solution selection and configuration

Optimization and testing


Each industry is characterized by individual standards and conditions. Each enterprise has unique requirements and specifics of work. Despite the different tools, materials, and ways to accomplish tasks, the goal is always the same: to profit. Qursor takes all those various factors into account and creates a tailored solution for internal supply logistics. It's an integrated system that allows for comprehensive and unmanned management of intralogistics tasks - regarding both traditional and robotic transportation. Such process and resource optimization upgrades business to the next level.

Single tool for multiple tasks

Using HIL (Hybrid Indoor Localization) technology, Qursor controls the work environment (including objects and staff in motion) and logistics processes in real-time while dynamically managing the fleet of Formica AMR mobile robots. The system manages transportation operations without operator supervision by executing orders according to a real-time updated task hierarchy.

The solution makes it possible to manage all intralogistics orders both for robotic and manual transportation in a given enterprise. All this to achieve full control of the flow of goods and other related optimizations.

Full-auto Factory 4.0

We provide comprehensive support services from startup to the end of the system life cycle. We integrate AMR applications with factory and warehouse systems and are responsible for the reliable operation of our solution to bring our customers the expected benefits. With AFORMIC's local engineering centers and remote diagnostics, we can effectively support system operation in real-time.


Case study

Wdrożenie systemu autonomicznej intralogistyki w fabryce mebli w Polsce.


Wdrożenie autonomicznego systemu logistyki wewnętrznej z użyciem autonomicznych robotów mobilnych w celu automatyzacji dostaw materiałów na linię produkcyjną w warunkach silnego zapylenia.

Nasze rozwiązanie:

Autonomiczny system intralogistyczny AIUT Qursor wraz z autonomicznymi robotami mobilnymi AIUT Formica

System Qursor został wdrożony w zakładzie produkcyjnym polskiego producenta mebli. Celem było kompleksowe
zarządzanie intralogistyką. Pięć autonomicznych robotów mobilnych Formica 2 obsługuje zlecenia transportowe. Roboty są
przystosowane do transportu towarów spaletyzowanych. Urządzenia są zintegrowane z linią wytwarzającą ramy meblowe,
dostarczając materiał wprost na podajnik rolkowy linii bez udziału operatora. Implementacja rozwiązania została poprzedzona
analizą intralogistyki i procesów klienta z wykorzystaniem symulacji w ramach wirtualnego wdrożenia. Pozwoliło to precyzyjnie
określić zapotrzebowanie sprzętowe, zoptymalizować procesy i trafnie oszacować koszty oraz ROI wdrożenia.

How it all began?




Introduction of Qursor management system.
Supervision of intralogistics fleet, support,
and integration with customer's production process

Launch of Aformic

Expansion of Formica vehicle types with additional types - 12 applications available in total

Solution deployment at a leading automotive manufacturer in North America


Aformic Team

We specialize in the automation of logistics processes in manufacturing plants and warehouses.

We are part of the AIUT Group, one of the leading suppliers of industrial automation and robotics systems to the global market. The company has been a trusted and experienced technology partner to global industrial and manufacturing leaders for more than 30 years.

AFORMIC designs and implements innovative integrated intralogistics solutions based on AMR/AGV mobile robots. AFORMIC's unique strategy is to fully customize our system and Formica AMR robots to meet the needs of our customers. As a result, our solution provides increased transportation efficiency, optimized production processes, and significant cost reductions for your business.

AFORMIC's teams of experienced engineers support our customers 24/7 directly from locations in North America (Canada, USA: Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky), Europe, and Asia to ensure continuous and uninterrupted flow of your processes.



140 Congress Blvd, Suite G

Duncan, SC 29334, USA

AIUT Sp. z o.o.

Wyczółkowskiego 113

44-109 Gliwice, Poland



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